Product Review: Glow In The Dark Dragon Necklace

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Product Review: Glow In The Dark Dragon Necklace

Let me begin this review by saying I don't often wear much jewelry. I have a jewelry box with some earrings, necklaces, and even a few rings in it but I don't think I own any bracelets besides costume jewelry for my belly dancing garb and that only gets used about once or twice a year. The main reason that I don't wear jewelry is because I am extremely hard on it. My morning routine more or less consists of brushing my hair and teeth, putting on clothes and donning a ponytail. The extra time to pick out and put on pieces of jewelry is something that I really only expend for special occasions. This said, necklaces are one of the few types of jewelry that I do wear, aside from my wedding ring, and I am the type of person that wears the same one or two necklaces every day until they break or until I find a new necklace that I really like and swap out.

When I say I am hard on jewelry, this is not an understatement. In fact, when it comes to necklaces I am about as brutal to them as it is possible to be. Once I find a necklace that I like and put it on, I never take it off. At all. I will wear it to bed, I will wear it in showers and bubble baths, I will wear it swimming, while doing housework, yardwork, and any various outdoor activities that I enjoy such as horseback riding, fishing, hiking, etc. Once I put a chain around my neck it stays there until it decides to throw in the towel and break just to be free of me.

full-light image of the dragon necklace pendant in silverWhen I first found the Glow In The Dark Dragon Necklaces I was skeptical, especially because of how well priced they were. I expected that the metal would be cheap and soft and would bend easily or that the finish would wear off and start to look dingy or reveal copper, or that the chain would turn my skin green as so many of my previous pieces of jewelry had done. At the very least, I had expected the glow-in-the-dark aspect to weaken and fade; especially as the piece was exposed to water, shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath.

glow in the dark image of dragon necklaceAfter several months of continuous wear, I can honestly report that I was wrong in all of my expectations and it was only after the piece proved me wrong that I decided to carry the item in The Crystal Hand store. My skin has never turned green or been discolored in any way by the chain or the pendant. The finish on both remains firmly silver even in the nooks and crannies and though it did start to look a bit dingy, as to be expected, I was surprised to find that it polished right back up to a nice silvery shine after a light buffing with a soft towel – no polishing agents required. Even more surprising is the fact that each night the glow-in-the-dark element remains consistent and as vibrant as when I first took the necklace out of the packaging. It also surprises me just how long the necklace glows after the lights have been turned off as it is common for things that glow in the dark to quickly lose their charge. But there have been some nights where I've woken up to use the restroom at 2 or 3 in the morning and as I walked past the bathroom mirror I was startled by the unexpected glow of the pendant on my reflection.

image of dragon necklace in silver after several months of continuous wearIf you've read my previous reviews, you know that I am a very picky person and anyone who knows me personally knows that this is largely due to the fact that I have a fair measure of perfectionist OCD. For this reason, it is with pleasant surprise that I am able to give these necklaces a very enthusiastic five-star rating. My expectations for them weren't very high because I tend to believe that you get what you pay for, so you can't expect too much from a $5 necklace but after putting mine through the ringer and finding it as fresh and lovely as it was the first day that it arrived in the mail, it has utterly surpassed all expectation by a considerable margin! In fact, were I not the proprietor of the store, I would expect it to be priced at, and would be willing to pay, something more along the lines of $20-25 for it.

You can get one for yourself right here on and, at this price, you can even afford to pick up a few extras for stocking stuffers!