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There are many articles all over the internet about the origins of Halloween and they all tell a slightly different version depending on the perspective of the writer or publishing body. Some take a very literal historical approach, sticking only to the details of the holiday as we know it today while others explore the ancient rituals of SamHain to find a deeper and more provocative narrative. With this article, we will be exploring some of the more obscure details; the superstitions and traditions passed from generation to generation that are likely to have contributed not only to the Halloween...

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It is the time of year, in the northern hemisphere, where the earth is preparing itself for survival. Plants and many animal species are gorging themselves now, storing up as many nutrients as they can to sate them through the hibernation of the coming winter, while other animals are preparing large food caches that they can snack on as the land becomes temporarily barren. Those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving or a similar holiday will soon be gorging ourselves as well, a tradition much older than the holiday itself and the mutual invention of symbolic celebration for the harvest as...

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