NEW GAZING TOOLS Crystal Sphere Half Combination Gazing: 80mm

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I know what you must be thinking ... why would anyone cut a crystal ball in half?  Aside from being a pretty unique paper weight, you may be surprised to know that two new forms of gazing are made possible by these beautiful 80mm crystal ball halves.  If you're familiar with using a black mirror or 'dark gazing' then it may not be a stretch to imagine the awesome affect that takes place when these sphere halves are placed flat-side-down on a piece of black cloth or even paper.  The half-dome combines the two loves of black mirror gazing and crystal balls into one incredible experience!  Alternatively, some gazers have begun combining bowl gazing with crystal gazing because of these as well.  One method for this involved placing in a large metal bowl several personal objects belonging either to the individual being read or to the deceased loved one that they're wanting to communicate with.  Next, the sphere half is placed over the top of the bowl with the flat side facing down.  The gazer then peers at the items through the glass creating a portal for the objects to communicate and interprets the messages that come through.  They're really quite fascinating new art forms!

Theme: Crystal Gazing
Material: Glass
Size: 80mm
Order Includes: One sphere half