The Survivors (A Jazz Nemesis Novel Book 3): Paperback

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Abandoned by her lover. Reunited with her father. Ardently pursued by a man who has vowed to never leave her side. From within the protective walls of Sanctuary, Jasmine and her friends find themselves numbered among a throng of refugees fleeing a world under constant assault from all sides. The horrors of The Maya Virus were just the beginning as nations emboldened by chaos succumb to the temptations of nuclear warfare, religious zealots employ drastic tactics against their rivals, and Mother Nature herself seems determined to destroy all that remains. As governments crumble and factions unfold, the pressure is on for Jazz to take sides and declare her allegiance, but the rules are unclear and the lines may not be as cleanly drawn as some would have her believe. An ancient secret society disguised as a wealthy corporation creeps comfortably into a position of power; a struggling republic determined to maintain some semblance of normalcy clings to what little control it has left; a faithful crowd amasses to worship a newly emerged and powerful figurehead of myth and legend; an unlikely army forms in obscurity, it’s awesome power hidden from all who would seek to destroy it; and then there’s Damien, quite possibly Jasmine’s greatest temptation to date. The fiercest war mankind has ever known is percolating on the horizon. What would you be willing to sacrifice to be counted among The Survivors?


  • “I’ve been waiting for this novel for a long time… It was worth the wait, even though it made me late twice because I couldn’t put the book down.” ~Molly F.
  • “L.M. Smith has written a fantastic psychological thriller that also crosses several other genres, especially paranormal fiction and dystopian fiction. I love her fast paced writing style, and the flow is wonderful. I have added this author to my favourites list, and will read any of her books in the future.” ~L. W.
  • “I am not in the habit to rave over one single thing in a book but today I am making an exception. I loved, loved, loved book one. And I loved book two but book three has me raving for reasons not mentioned in book I or II.” ~Wanda
  • “I loved book one & book two, now I love, love, love this book…. In all honesty The Jazz Nemesis Series is one of my all time favorite series.” ~R. Lynch
  • “It took us on quite the adventure, one I did not see coming. Let’s just say this book will pull you right into it and it does leave you needing more. Can’t wait for the next book!” ~Lauren A.