Tubes of Incense Sticks (Includes Stands)

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Sticks can be used in most standard incense burners or in fragrance bottles for a smoke-free option.  Each tube contains 23 grams of incense but the actual number of sticks can vary depending on the weight and thickness of each stick in the pack.  In addition to being a lovely way to freshen the aroma in a room or office, each scent is heralded for unique properties in aromatherapy and natural remedies to minor ailments.:



Application Scene: Aroma / Aromatherapy
Material: Flowers & Buds, natural ingredients
Specification: Clear plastic tube
Classification: Ideal for meditation rooms, automobiles, and other small spaces but can be used anywhere
Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
Purpose: Private Use
Type: Stick Incense
Use: Aromatic