Metal Incense Plug for Use w/Coil, Stick, or Cone Incense: Travel Sized!

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This multi-purpose brass finish plug can be used for stick, cone, and coil incense burning on any protected surface or in a decorative bowl, plate, or shell of your choosing.  It's ideal for travel so you don't have to worry about your ceramic or glass burners being accidentally broken by baggage handlers and it's small and lightweight enough that it won't take up a lot of valuable space in your luggage.  I should note that while you can use this plug with backflow incense cones, the effect will not be the same as with a backflow incense burner (which we also sell!).  Remember, as with all things in store, shipping is free!

Type: Incense Burner
Production: Aromatherapy
Classification: Incense Base
Application Area: Everywhere
Use: Stick/Coil/Cone incense
Specification: 1pc
Material: Alloy w/brass finish