Wooden Incense Burner for Stick Incense: Fits Most Stick Sizes (Bulk Discounts!)

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This charming wooden incense burner is a great, simple way to bring the calming aromas and benefits of stick incense to any space if you're on a budget!  Also, we offer discounts for purchasing sets of 3 or even 10 burners so you can afford to have incense  wherever you go without moving your favorite incense burner from room to room or site to site!  This is also a great item for travel because it tucks neatly into any pocket or sliver of space remaining in your luggage after you've finished packing, is lightweight, and won't raise any eyebrows with airport security! Avoid placing incense cones on this one, however, as they will leave a small but very permanent burn mark on the wood's surface.  Remember, as with all things in TheCrystalHand.com store, shipping is free!


Type: Incense Burner
Production: Aromatherapy
Classification: Incense Stand
Application Area: Everywhere
Use: Stick Incense
Specification: 1pc, 3pc, 10pc
Material: Wood