5 Liter Waterproof LED Ice Bucket Cooler for Bottles, Cans, or Whatever: 7 Colors!

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Every good festival or celebration involves beverages and now you can keep your honeyed mead cold and stylish at the same time!  Leave the ice coolers for picnics and step up your party game with these colorful LED light chilling buckets which easily hold 2 or 3 standard wine bottles, even more smaller beer or soda bottles and nearly a full 12-pack of canned sodas!  Plus, you won't hear anyone asking 'where are the drinks?' when all you want to do is enjoy your crescent cakes and converse with friends!


Type: Buckets, Coolers & Holders
Certification: CIQ,CE / EU
Plastic Type: PP
Feature: Eco-Friendly, LED
Material: Plastic