Portable Universal Reusable USB Vacuum Cleaner for Electronic Devices (5 colors)

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Stop wasting money on those incredibly expensive cans of compressed air that get freezer-burn cold and stop working before you're done cleaning your electronics and get this instead!  It plugs into the USB port on any electronic device making it universal and portable!  The soft bristles work to get down into those hard to reach places like the spaces between and around the keys on your keyboard and also dust off the vents for fan outlets and grating.  At the same time the device uses gentle suction to vacuum away the debris, dust, crumbs, and pet hair that always inevitably end up on and in our electronic devices.  Best of all, you can simply empty the bin and filtration compartment and you're good to go for as many uses as you need!  It's light, small, and portable so you can even take it to the office with you to clean up your work electronics and let the office tech guys marvel at your genius!

Type: USB Vacuum
Features: Portable, Reusable, Universal
Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow