The Citizens (A Jazz Nemesis Novel Book 1): Paperback

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Imagine a town where you can stay out as late as you want, wake up when it suits you, you never have to go to work, and everything is free for the taking. Sounds perfect right? But what if you can’t remember where you are or how you got there? What if you can’t ever leave? And what if the only other people around are hostages, just like you? Would you still want to stay? 

Jasmine Marshall certainly didn’t think so until she met Justin Beck; a dashing active-duty member of the United States Army and fellow hostage. With him around life in Kolob might not be so bad after all … or so she thought. There are vampires and psychics at the breakfast table! Disturbing acts of torture and senseless violence are commonplace. Biochemical warfare is a very real threat, and the town’s mayor is an elusive mad-scientist obsessed with his own theories about December 21, 2012! 

In a place where one has everything to gain and nothing to lose, one thing reigns true: nothing in Kolob is ever as it seems.



  • “This is definitely going to be on my top ten list of mindblowingly awesome reads of 2012…Eat your heart out Lara Croft.” ~ Books4Tomorrow
  • “This novel screams for a sequel! I highly recommend it.” ~ KLW
  • “I was hooked from the very start! This book is brilliantly written by a very talented L.M. Smith. I have no doubt that her work will be celebrated and enjoyed by millions, an author who is one to watch for in the future.” ~ A Ferocious FeLion
  • “The ending sent chills down my spine, and left me wanting to know what’s going to happen next!” ~ L. Worton
  • “Despite the fact that everything in town looks home-spun sweet (a hardware store, old-fashioned movie theater, and even a penny candy shop), things are not apple-pie a la mode in Kolob.” ~ Author Bonnie Bernard
  • “Jazz is like my new BFF and I already miss her. I can’t wait to read more” ~ Sarah09