11 Color Light Metal Lightsaber w/Sound, Vibration, & Light Pattern Effects (6 Metal Choices)

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1 x Metal Handle 
1 x Light Piece 
1 x USB Charging Cord 
1 x Decorative Grip Wrap 
1 x Six Angle Wrench size 7 
2 x Spare Screwdrivers

Sound Effects:
Activation sound
Standby hum
Movement swoosh
Clash sound
Low power sound
Charge sound 
Light Effects:
Flame mode
Full bright mode
High and low brightness regulation
Breathing mode
Heartbeat mode
Flickering mode
Explosive flashing mode
Knock flash effect occurs in all light effect modes for combat authenticity 
Volume Options:
Memory Function:
Light effect
Sound effect 
Vibration Effect:
Activation vibration
Wave vibration
Pulsing vibration
Switch vibration


Material: Metal (handle), PC (blade) 
Size: Handle 27cm; Blade 73cm; Total Length 100cm  
Diameter: Blade 2.5cm; Handle 3cm 
Handle Color Choices:  Silver, Gray, Black, Gold, Red, Blue. 
11 Light Colors: White, Dark Red, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Light Blue. 
Charging: USB Fast Charging 
Battery capacity:1200mAh 

1: The handle and blade can be moved. 
2: The light tube is very strong and can be used for struggle. If the light tube is broken you can buy replacements seperately by contacting customer service. 

Vibration Switch: Short press to activate vibration, long 4-second press to deactivate vibration. 
Light Modes: Short press 2 seconds to turn on light mode then touch lightly to switch light effects. 
Light & Color Switch: After activation, press 3 seconds to switch color. 

USB can be used with adapter, PC, cell phone charger, etc. 
Charging time is usually 2-3 hours from dead to full but varies by power output of your chosen charging source. 

Sword handle and light blade are often shipped in separate packages and one piece may arrive a day or two before the other piece.   
Please be patient if they do not arrive together.   
This is due to the extreme length of the full product. 

Sound & vibration prompt 30 seconds before automatic shut down. 


1: This product is an LED luminous light. Long periods of direct visual contact may affect your eyesight. Duration of use should not exceed the recommended time per session
For users ages 7-12 recommended duration per use is 10 minutes
For users ages 13-17 recommended duration per use is 15 minutes
For users ages 18+ recommended duration per use is 20 minutes
Light function can be disabled so that the product may be safely used for extended practice sessions.
2: The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed. 
3: The screws on the handle are used for containg the swords internal computer.
Dismantling of the handle casing is not recommended.  
4: Do not charge the product with more than 5v-1A power supply 
5: This product contains a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and is NOT waterproof or water resistant.  Do not contact with water!