Ganesha God of Obstacles Resin Cast Statues in 2 Sizes

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You don't have to be a follower of the Hindu Tradition to love Ganesha who is known for being wise, of good heart, understanding, and keen to detect a person's true nature.  He is the master of obstacles, both in placing them in the path of the proud or unworthy, and in removing them from the paths of the honest, hard working, and loyal.  His council and assistance are often sought by those preparing for or beginning a new undertaking in the hope that the endeavors will be successful, prosperous, and free of major strife.  While this is what he is most well-known for, Ganesha's popularity is vast throughout a multitude of cultures and various religious traditions as he is not known to be exclusionary, dictorial, or jealous.  He asks only that, if asking for his assistance, you do so with an honest heart and a commitment to working hard toward your goals, for there is no reward for laziness.  Whether for religious aspects or merely aesthetic value, this resin cast Ganesha statue will make a beautiful and durable addition to your home in whichever size best suits your needs.

Theme: Ganesha
Material: Resin
Purpose: Hindu & Other Traditions
Primary Regional: India