Moon Globe Portable LED Light w/White, Warm White, or Multicolored Light w/stand: 5 sizes

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Have you ever wanted to hold the moon in the palm of your hand?  Well now you can!  These ethereal moon lights come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8cm (palm sized) to 20cm (huggable sized) and, once charged, are every bit as portable and wireless as your smart phone meaning you don't necessarily have to keep them near a plug for them to work!  The 2-color variety displays light in either pure white or warm white shades while the multi-color variety has 3 settings: pure white, warm white, or randomly changing colors.  Each light comes with a wooden stand and a USB to DC 5V charging cable; once the light has fully charged you can turn the light on, change the color, and turn the light off simply by tapping the charging port with the tip of your finger until you reach the desired setting.  These are just too cool not to have at least one!

Item Type: Night Lights
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Power Source: DC Rechargeable Battery
Charging Cable: USB to DC 5V
Cable Length: 90cm
Batteries Included: Yes
Control System: Touch
Wattage: 0-5W
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Bulbs Included: Yes
Body Material: Resin
Certification: CCC