7 Piece Set Chakra Star Semi-Precious Stones w/or w/o Stand

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If you're just looking for a specific stone to fill a specific need you can buy these semi-precious gemstones in sets of two or you can get a full set of 7 chakra stones (1 of each), or a full set with a placement stand.  The healing qualities and meanings of each stone are as follows:

Rose Quartz: Love, compassion, generosity, and romance.  Aids with healing lost love, finding new love, empathy, and sociability. Chakra position 1 (Crown)

Amethyst: Spirituality, protection, cleansing, and happiness,  Aids with insomnia, depression, and addiction.  Chakra position 2 (Brow)

Lapis Lazuli: Calming, concentration, memory, and intuition.  Aids with anxiety, study, brain fog, and forgetfulness.  Chakra position 3 (Throat)

Jade: Awareness, concentration, introversion, and reflection.  Aids with decision making, self-evaluation, meditation, and planning.  Chakra position 4 (Heart)

Crystal Quartz: Balance, purity, clairvoyance, and wisdom.  Aids in meditation, cleansing, emotional stability, and harmonization.  Chakra position 5 (Solar Plexus)

Carnelian: Action, power, courage, and confidence.  Aids in self-esteem, overcoming procrastination, leadership, and decision making.  Chakra position 6 (Sacral)

Jasper: Intuition, sensitivity, motion, strength.  Aids in issues of the blood, circulation, understanding, and courage to act.  Chakra position 7 - (Base)

Note: The above statements are based on supplemental or natural healing methods and are in no way intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or physician.


Material: Semi-precious gemstone
Quantity: 2pc of the same stone - or - 1pc of each stone (7 pc total) - or - 1pc of each stone w/base
Stone Size: Approx. 10 x 10mm