Black Obsidian Crystal Ball for Divination, Decoration, Performing Arts: 70mm

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At 70mm in diameter, this is the largest obsidian crystal ball the we carry so far (though we hope to soon offer sizes reaching up to 400mm).  It is expertly balanced and quality checked for purity to ensure that there are no cracks or inclusions in your order.  Though clear crystal balls are certainly more commonly known for crystal gazing, there is an entirely separate and equally beautiful craft focused on crystal gazing with obsidian, black glass, or black mirrors.  Favored by nocturnal practitioners, though certainly not exclusively used by them, many find that the darkness of the crystal lends itself more freely to psychic awareness without the risk of external influence caused by the reflections of clear crystals.  Dark gazing (termed purely for the dark color of the gazing tool and not because it is in any way inherently dark in nature) is often revered as the ideal window to communication with members of the afterlife such as loved ones, guides, and guardian spirits.  This ball does not come with a stand, however we do have very reasonably priced stands specially made for crystal balls available in our Sacred Space collection on 


Style: Black Obsidian, no impurities

Size: 70mm
Material: Glass