Eternal Lovers Resin Cast Abstract Sculpture or Altar Piece

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There are many reasons that one could be attracted to this elegant abstract statue of two lovers entwined in a romantic embrace just as there are many uses that such a statue could serve.  For me, this piece resonates of the goddess and god in their eternal embrace and the cyclical nature of life and the universe as represented by the unending circle of the pair's arms.  This would make a lovely altar piece dedicated to the lovers of your choosing, an effective piece of symbolism for romance-driven spell work, or even a gorgeous decoration for your home.  The statue is a resin cast of an original hand carving, making it super durable against chipping, breaking, and scratching as well as lightweight and easy to clean (you can literally run it under your faucet and lightly scrub it with a soft brush if it were to get super dusty) but the finish is carefully detailed to give the appearance of the original sandstone carving.

Material: Resin
Theme: Lovers
Size: 5*8*23CM
Function: Home Decoration/Gift