EXTREME BULK 100% Pure Natural Sandalwood Incense: 500g in 3 Lengths

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EXTREME BULK DEAL!  These sticks can be used in most standard incense burners available in 21, 28, or 32 cm lengths.  Each lot contains 500 grams of incense so the shorter lots will have more sticks.  Sandalwood incense is regarded by many cultures as the most potent scent for meditation and intense spiritual communion and is the dominant (and in some cases exclusive) scent used in some of the world's most famous temples. 



Application Scene: Aroma / Aromatherapy

Material: Natural spices and other natural ingredients
Specification: 21, 28, or 32 cm lengths, 500g per lot.
Classification: Ideal for meditation rooms, automobiles, and larger spaces
Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
Purpose: Private Use
Type: Stick Incense

Use: Aromatic