Glow In The Dark Moon Wall Clocks: Battery Operated in 9 Colors

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Add charm, style, and mystery to any room with these glow in the dark moon wall clocks.  During the day they serve as beautiful reminders of one of man-kinds favorite and most personable heavenly bodies while helpfully assisting us with keeping track of the time and at night they still do this but with the added awesomeness of glowing in the dark to serve as a night light and give ambiance so you can enjoy a full moon every night of the year!  They naturally charge during the day using both natural sunlight and synthetic light so they glow at night without the need for electricity.  The clocks keep time using one AA battery (not included).

Type: Wall Clocks
Width: 30cm
Display Type: Needle
Form: Single Face
Material: Bamboo & Wooden
Shape: Circular
Weight: 100g
Body Material: Acrylic + PVC