Homeopathic Hand Carved Rosebud Himalayan Salt Lamp: Color Changing Variety

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Have you heard about the health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps or are you still wondering what the big deal is and why they've suddenly become such a 'thing'?  Well, aside from the fact that they are quite pretty, of course.  Here's a bit of information for you.  "Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” (Pierce J. Howard, PhD. Source: WebMD).  Negative ions are produced in their highest concentrations by a variety of natural sources such as thunderstorms, waterfalls, and crashing waves.  Himalayan Salt Lamps also produce negative ions, admittedly in significantly lower quantities than those natural circumstances previously named but who can afford to have a private thunderstorm in their homes?  While the level of the effect a Himalayan Salt Lamp can have on its environment can vary depending on the size of the lamp as well as the environment in which it is placed, scientific experts are in agreement on two things: first, that they do generate negative ions and second, that negative ions contribute to a variety of benefits including cleaner air, lower allergen counts, and the refreshed feelings described by Dr. Howard, above.  Perhaps this is why homes cat owners that have purchased salt lamps for their homes have found their cats to be almost inexplicably attracted to the lamps almost immediately after turning them on!  BONUS: This lamp is equipped with a color-changing bulb so you can enjoy it in a variety of different colors!

Item Type: Salt Lamp
Power Source: DC
Batteries Required: No
Usage: Homeopathy
Bulbs Included: Yes
Power Generation: Always On
Certification: CCC