HUGE LOT of 100 Floating Lotus LED Lights: Random Colors

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If you have a big event coming up or just want something unique and special for your evening decor, this is a huge lot of FIFTY LED light floating lotus candles.  They're water resistant, designed to float, and LED so you can have the beautiful look of floating candles without the hassle of lighting them all and then trying to keep them lit (that was my job at a pool-side wedding once and trust me, it was not fun).  Moreover, they have a steady base so they can be used on hard surfaces as well such as scattered around a lawn or garden, lined up on a porch railing, or completely safe for indoor use as well such as on a table, in a bathtub, or in bowls of water.  Also, because this is a bulk lot of 50, each light is significantly less than they would be if buying them individually (they're usually over $5 each)!

Type: Floating Lotus LED Lights
Material: Plastic & Fabric
Feature: Floating
Colors: Random Selection