Inclusion Gazing Clear Crystal Ball for Divination or Decoration: 55mm

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Crystal gazing, like many other methods of divination, has a variety of forms and tools that uniquely lend themselves to the individual practitioner in a personal and indescribable way. For this reason no one form of crystal gazing is any more accurate or effective than the others, some are simply more well known thanks to popular media.  Among the less well-known methods, is inclusion gazing.  While clear crystal is prized for it's lack of impurities, inclusion crystal is prized for embracing the impurities and forcing the third eye to find order among the chaos.  Much like interpreting the shapes found in tea leaves, inclusion gazing invites the individual receiving the reading to hold the ball in his or her hands, turning it over (carefully) as many times as they like and in any direction, and placing it back on the stand for interpretation.  Using a combination of symbolism and psychic awareness, the reader then begins what will always be a truly unique and personal reading for each individual customer.  This gorgeous fractured crystal ball (so named for it's appearance alone, it is not actually broken) is sure to make experienced and curious inclusionists alike salivate with anticipation and, as a bonus, it comes with it's own supportive base!  If you want to see an extra special treat with this one, try placing a colored LED light beneath it!

Style: Inclusionist Gazing
Theme: Sphere Gazing
Material: Crystal
Approximate Size: Diameter 55mm
Approximate Weight: 270g