Labradorite Pendulums Dousing, Divination, Reiki: in Gold, Silver, or Copper

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If you've ever watched more than a few episodes of the TV show Charmed, there's a good chance that you've seen the sisters utilizing a pendulum not unlike this one to locate one another or some other helpless victim nearby.  While real pendulum work doesn't work in quite the same way as shown on the television, and is rarely used for locating someone, the importance of the pendulum in traditional craft is very real and quite valid.  In one form, pendulum work is used as a sort of communication or divination tool, asking questions while holding the pendulum by the chain and interpreting the answers based on the direction, size, and voracity of it's swing.  Another form is pendulum dousing which is most commonly used to find water sources for drilling wells and such but can also be used to help locate lost objects.  In addition to those I've mentioned, there are still many other uses for the pendulum aside from it's beauty and elegance and these labradorite pendulums are one of my all-time favorites.  The natural stone gives off a translucent, multi-colored hue that contrasts beautifully with any of the three accent metal colors!

Style: Pendulum
Material: Labradorite & Metal Alloy
Occasion: Divination, Dousing, Reiki, Jewlery