Large Natural Rainbow Abalone Shell Smudge/Offering Bowl

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This large abalone shell can be used as an offering bowl or smudge bowl on your altar, or it can be a beautiful way to hold your jewelry or other trinkets in your home.  If you take your wedding ring off to wash dishes and worry about losing it, place one of these gorgeous shells nearby and place your ring in the shell while you wash to keep it safe until you are finished.  The shell comes with a black velvet bag for storage should you need to pack up your altar supplies between rituals.  Please note that this is a natural shell from the sea, therefore, the colors shown and dimensions may vary slightly.

Material: Natural Abalone Shell
Approx Height: 3.6cm
Approx Length: 13.2cm
Approx Width: 9.5cm
Approx Weight: 94g
Includes: Natural abalone shell
Size: 132x95x36mm