Mini Personal Candy Dispensers & Optional Piggy Bank in 5 Colors

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In addition to being cute and whimsical these little candy dispensers are a great way to ration those sweet treats for the little ones by just saying "One turn until after dinner".  You can put any kind of candy that you want in them and they're made of sturdy plastic so they're safe around the kids or great for the office!  To load more candy inside you simply twist the top off and drop it in.  It doesn't require coins of any kind to operate but it does have a slot in the back for saving up your loose change in the base and an access plug on the bottom for emptying it out.  Plus they come in 5 colors!

Item: Candy Dispenser
Material: Plastic
Size: : approx. 14.5 x 8.7cm
Net Weight: : 84g