Natural Fluorite Wands: Psychic Protection, Warding, Channeling: 82-100g

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Fluorite is a naturally occurring crystal and is associated with the air element making it an excellent tool in ritual and divination in addition to it's beauty and decorative quality.  Fluorite is good for protection as well as warning of and warding off external influence such as psychic attack, manipulation, psychic vampirism, and is a must have tool for empaths that have not yet learned to control the affects of others on their own emotional interpretations.  It is good at these things because it is a grounding stone that helps the bearer to fuel off excess energy as well as channel energy to a desired outcome.  As these wands are 100% natural, the precise cut, color, and pattern of each wand will be unique and the weight will vary between 82-100g.

Material: Organic Fluorite
Weight: 82-100g
Color: Varied