Oversized Backflow Incense Cones: 75pc

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Incense burning has a long and rich tradition in many cultures around the world but backflow incense takes things to a whole new aesthetic level!  These quality backflow incense cones are specially designed to direct their aromatic smoke downward, through their internal flue and they're oversized which means longer burn times, stronger scents, and more higher visual appeal.  Pair these cones with one of the gorgeous and unique backflow incense burners in our store for the ultimate conversation piece!

Application: Ambiance
Type: Backflow Cone Incense
Use: Aromatic
Model Number: L17082501
Application Scene: Home or Office
Packaging: Bulk
Classification: Oversized Smoke Incense
Regional Feature: Indian Incense
Material: Natural Ingredients
Specifications: 75pc
Packing: in bags
The material: Wood powder
Category: Backflow Incense