Pack of 50 Unscented Colorful Tea Light Wax Candles

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Tealight candles are among the most useful type of candle ever invented, in my opinion.  They're ideal for oil and wax diffusers, awesome around the edges of a relaxing bath, mood setters for a romantic evening or garden party, light enough to be placed on floating decorations or used in paper lanterns, suitable for small carvings in candle magic when you don't have the time to wait for a full votive or pillar burn, and as the pictures here show - even good for making your own art installations or writing special messages!  The possibilities are endless and they self-contain their own wax as they burn so they're not messy!


Feature: Unscented
Shape: Tea light
Use: Every occasion
Product: General Candle
Material: Paraffin Wax
Size: 35x35x8mm
Color: Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple
Quantity: 50 tea lights per box
Weight: 90g