Portable Folding Crafting Scissors w/Protective Case for Safe Transport: 4 Colors

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It seems like everyone finds themselves in need of a pair of scissors when there isn't one in sight but I think this probably happens to us crafters more than most!  The problem is that carrying a pair of scissors around in your purse, even if you can find a pair small enough to fit without taking up too much space, just isn't safe or practical for most of us.  Enter the solution: safety scissors specifically designed for crafters but really they could be useful to anyone!  The fold up neatly and have a hard plastic lid so you never have to worry about them accidentally opening and poking you or putting a hole in your bag.  They're really great for handy folk with little ones around because, when fully closed up, they just look like some benign piece of plastic and, at this price, you can afford to have separate pairs for your paper crafts and fabric crafts so no more dull fabric scissors!

Style: Mini-portable
Material: Stainless steel