Premium Coil Incense Kits: Include Coil Stand (48pc)

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Incense burning has a long and rich tradition in many cultures around the world but what most people don't know is that serious incense burners tend to prefer incense coils over sticks,cones, and even most powders.  One reason for this is the burn time; gram for gram a coil of incense contains more product in dense concentration than any other form of incense and that, along with simply being longer than most sticks, means more bang for your buck.  Additionally, there is a legend that states when one is anticipating an event of some kind but they don't know when, precisely, to expect it, they should light an incense coil while concentrating very hard on that event and if one is of good fortune, the event will occur before the coil has burned itself through.  Personally, I like using incense coils to curb my tendency for procrastination.  If I'm having trouble finding the motivation to do housework, for example, I will allow myself 'one coil of Facebook time' with a commitment to get up and start cleaning once it's burned itself out. These kits include approximately 48 coils of premium incense as well as a charming holder specially designed for coil burning at a great price!


Application: Ambiance
Type: Coil Incense
Use: Aromatic
Model Number: L17082501
Application Scene: Home or Office
Packaging: Bulk
Classification: Oversized Smoke Incense
Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
Material: Natural Ingredients
Specifications: 4 hrs
Packing: in boxes
The material: Wood powder
Category: Coil Incense + Stand