Pure Essential Oils in 6 Scents As a Set or Individual Bottles: 10ml

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Enjoy the relaxation and peace that aromatherapy provides with these aromatic essential oils sold either as a set or as individual bottles.  Perfect for humidifiers, diffusers, warmers, bathing, diffuser jewelry, and more!  Add a few drops of your favorite scent to the water as you're preparing a hot bath and enjoy the benefits of smoother skin along with the peaceful aroma while you soak.  A few drops will also go a long way when blended into a natural massage oil base such as unscented grapeseed oil for added relaxation and healthy benefits!  Tired of buying sets of oils to get the one or two scents you use the most?  No problem!  We offer these oils as individual bottles also!

Function: Aromatherapy
Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil
Item feature: plant extracts, health
Ingredient: herbal