Sequin Craze 2-Color Pillow Covers in 24 Color Options!

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Join the craze, now with more variety than ever!  Favorite colors, wedding colors, school colors, fraternity colors, room colors, or one of everything!  If you haven't seen or had the opportunity to play with these pillows yet then you are going to love them!  Like a modern day Etch-A-Sketch with a twist, the pillow covers are covered corner to corner and edge to edge in sequin scales that are one color on top and a different contrasting color on the underside.  This means you can have red pillows today and white pillows tomorrow without buying or replacing them.  You can use your hands and fingers to draw patterns and messages in the sequins and then easily erase to start over with the simple swipe of your hand.  Let me tell you, I spent way too much time playing with these the first time I came across them.  It's hard to explain but they're far more entertaining than you might expect and an awesome outlet for nervous habits like fingernail biting, tapping, or picking.

Use: Decorative
Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Embroidered
Style: Jacquard
Shape: Square
Technics: Pillow cover