Clear or Black High Heel Protectors for Outdoor Events in 3 Sizes (1 pair)

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Planning an outdoor wedding?  Or perhaps you'll be attending one?  Whether it's weddings, lunch-break visits to the park, or everyday out-and-abouting, anyone who wears heels on even a semi-regular basis knows how easy and frustrating it can be to get your heel stuck in something.  Grass, cracks in the sidewalk or masonry, even small gravel.  If you're lucky the sudden shock of having your heel stuck won't throw you off balance enough to fall over or twist your ankle (we've all been there, right?) but even then, those sticky situations can really take a toll on your heels!  Protect yourself and your shoes with these handy high heel protectors that reduce the risk of sinking in grass or getting stuck in cracks, guard against damaging gravel, and let you focus on the more important things in life like hugging the bride!  And at these prices, thrifty brides-to-be can offer a box of heel protectors near the guest book for their guests!


Type: High Heel Protector
Material: Plastic