Three-in-One Ceramic Backflow/Stick/Coil Incense Burners in 2 Styles

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Incense cones are certainly not a new concept but backflow incense takes things to a whole new aesthetic level!  These beautiful three-in-one ceramic incense burners are specially designed for use with backflow incense cones, directing the smoke down through the base of the cone where it spills, with liquid grace, along the primary basin of the multi-level burner like a fountain.  Each one also contains a slot for incense sticks as well as a plug for incense coils making them the perfect all-in-one solution for whatever incense type you're in the mood for!  While these burners can be used with regular incense cones as well, the effect shown here can only be achieved with backflow cones.  Don't have backflow cones?  No problem!  We offer an array of budget friendly backflow cones in a large variety of scents! 



Application: Ambiance
Type: Incense Burner
Use: Aromatic
Model Number: L17082501
Application Scene: Home or Office
Packaging: Bulk
Classification: Ceramic Incense Burner
Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
Material: Ceramic
Specifications: 1pc
Category: Backflow Incense, Stick Incense, Coil Incense