Unicorn Themed Pillow Covers (4 styles)

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This item is for 1 pc Unicorn themed pillow cover.  The pillow is not included but we often change out our pillow covers and offer seasonal options so you can use one pillow and just change the cover when the mood strikes.  Also, these pillow covers are easy to clean in your washing machine without ruining the pillow.  Have you ever tried to throw a sofa pillow in a washing machine and then been upset when it comes out looking like one of those old Popples toys from the 1980's?  We're not judging, we've done it too.  Using pillow covers solves that problem because you can wash the cover by itself!  Need the right size pillow?  Get them HERE!

Pattern: Unicorn Theme
Occasion: Decorative pillow covers for beds, couches, chairs, etc.
Size: 45x45cm
Material: Printed Fabric